How To get In Touch with Allcraft Tools

Hello Studio Jewelers–

In my last post, my  promise to you was to answer your questions and help you in any way I can.  Believe it or not, my most requested question is not about techniques, soldering, or stones.  It’s how to find Allcraft Tools. It seems that every time I recommend  my favorite tool supplier,  I am besieged with questions of how to get in touch with them. Some of you think Allcraft is very hard to find any info on.  In fact, one reader even thinks I made them up and they don’t exist.  Believe me, they are very real.

Allcraft Tools is owned by Tevel and Sarah. They are two of the nicest people in the business that you will ever meet. Sarah usually answers the phone and runs the finance part of the business.  Tevel answers your jewelry equipment questions and takes the orders.  Their associate, Sue, pulls and ships the orders, and is very knowledgeable about what they have in stock.  That’s the entire company–one of the largest suppliers in the US–and 3 people run it!  Pretty self-sufficent.  When you call Allcraft, you are speaking with the owners, not an order-taker or someone in customer service.  You get personal service from the owner of the company.  That’s pretty impressive.   Tevel is honest and will ask questions about your choice,  and may give you other options you didn’t know about.  He will tell you, to the best of his knowledge, exactly what tool you need for whatever it is you need to do. and if he does offer an option,  it may be less expensive than one you originally thought you wanted.  With the price of jewelry-making tools, that’s unusual to hear, and very welcome advice.  But enough of a sales pitch for Tevel.  You will learn that on your own. Here’s the info you want.

Allcraft Tools is located at 135 W. 29th Street, New York, New York , 10001 if you choose to visit the store.  This is not a wander around the store and look at everything he has (because I sometimes wonder if he knows everything he has!) It’s basically on the 2nd floor, you can walk up or take the “picturesque” elevator, and it’s easy to find on the 2nd floor.  Go to the counter, and see all the boxes stacked floor to ceiling, and you tell him what you want  He can go right to it—usually. (grin)

If you prefer mail order, the phone number is 1-212-279-7077 OR 1-800-645-7124.  This is NOT the biggest secret in the jewelry world, but I get at least one email a day asking how to get in touch with them.   They are working on a web page, and they do not have a catalogue listing everything they have.  Allcraft has been known for their hammers and anvils for several decades, but they have so much more than that.  During the year I will be writing about some of my favorite tools that I purchase from Allcraft.   These tools will make your jewelry making much easier and more fun, and besides, I’m very much a tool person. I usually know of the newest on the market. I’ll share that with you, too.  So if you don’t know exactly what it is you want, but you know I have recommended it, just tell Tevel you want “what Lexi uses”.  I’m sure he hears that several times a week.

So I hope that if you have not tried Allcraft Tools, please do.  I know that you will find what you need, and if they don’t have it, they will lead you to who does. Just remember to tell them “Lexi sent me.”

Have fun with your new tools,

Hugs to you all,




5 Responses

  1. Lexi, What are your suggestions for soldering 4mm or 6mm bezel cups on an18g for a silver cuff for gemstone setting? Do you sweat solder from underneath using a tripod? I’ve tried a couple of methods and still looking for a better way. Thanks.

    • Hi Deb–I have been haveing a lot of trouble with so much spam on this site that its taken a long time to sort out. Sorry that I’m late in answering.
      Yes, I would sweat solder the bezel cups on. I make my own bezels for anything over 5mm, but on an 18 gauge cuff, man that’s a lot of thick silver. You probably would need to suspend the bracelet above 2 pieces of charcoal block, but I wouldn’t use the tripod. They are a huge heat sink and the heat doesn’t reflect upward very well from the base brick. You have quite a project, and it can be difficult. Do you know how to use locking tweezers as a heat sink? If you do, that will help a lot. Good Luck!

  2. Hi Lexi,
    I’m trying to figure out how to contact you to about your availability for a class in September. Since your “Contact Lexi” page is under construction I’m hoping you will see this and get ahold of me.Thanks alot.

    • Hi Carol–I’m sorry, but I am totally booked in Sept. Since the Gem and Mineral show is here, its a tough month with many students coming from all over in order to try to get in classes and go to the show. I have a very limited schedule from now on to Dec. Most people book 6-10 months in advance. I’m truly sorry. What part of the country do you live in, and maybe I can suggest a great teacher.

    • Hi Carol–If you need to get in touch with me quickly, you can reach me at I sent you another response about September.

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