Our First Denver Botanic Garden Show

OH WOW!  I can’t even begin to explain how I feel right now.  First, to have the gorgeous Denver Botanic Gardens as a venue for us was astounding, especially when we are showing alongside of  a fabulous presentation of Henry Moore sculptures.  Second, it was two of those Colorado fall days—not a cloud in the turquoise sky, and snow clad mountains in the distance, while Denver was a balmy 70 degrees.  And then, add  25 spectacular tables filled with glowing and colorful baubles.  OK,  now you have a picture of our First Jewelry Show at the Denver Botanic Gardens.   We were inside Gates Courtyard, with full picture windows and tall glass doors behind us.  It was spectacular.  Just as much fun was looking at the individual diplays of each artist.

Harold O’Connor’s display was elegant and sparse, with trays lined with white Japanese paper, which showed off Harold’s exquisite craftsmanship to a “T”.  His newest collection, “From My Backyard” was composed of artistically cast elegant rings and pendants of twigs, string and unusual pods he found  in his Salida, Colorado yard. Exquisite Spectrolite from Finland accented several of his pieces. It was such an honor to show alongside of one of the True Masters of Metalsmiting in the world.

Kathleen Krucoff had a stunning display of lanterns, which showed off her earrings and pendants.

For my usual art festival display, I dress in my archaeology gear, and have trowels and archaeology tools in my display cabinets. But for this truly upscale show I had a collection of “antique” suitcases, from which spilled my treasures, and I forewent my archaeology khakis.  Since it kind of went along with my adventure and travel themes, I was happy with my display.

For weeks before  the show I had nightmares that here we were all at the Botanic Gardens, all dressed up  and just standing around visiting with each other because no one came in to see our jewelry.  Well, nothing could have been farther from the truth.

We opened at 9 on Saturday morning, and our first customers started arriving at 9:27. By 10:00 we were having a light stream of customers, and by 11, we were constantly busy.  Jennie Milner said that she didn’t expect it to be like a cocktail party.  There was a constant flow of new people.  The wine and music started at 1:00, and there was not a moment to stop after that.  Sales were brisk, and there were lots of questions about our jewelry, the artists, and  Colorado Metalsmithing Association.  We were packed with customers who were actually buying, not just “thinking about it”.  Customers returned to tables several times to make their final choices.  Gallery owners talked to many participants about showing in their galleries, and the jewelry market seems to be returning.  It was a joy to watch everyone.  It was so great to see so many of you COMA members and friends, and I really appreciate each of you for coming out.  And in addition to that, it was great to sell so much jewelry. As artists we felt validated and appreciative that so many of you like our work well enough to purchase and wear it.  We are truly honored.

I have already started plans for next year’s show.  New ideas are flowing, and I want to start drawing in my sketch book right now.  But my precious 4-year old grandson is spending the week with me as his mom and dad return to Austin and pack and move back to Denver.  I am thrilled. They will live nearby, and I don’t have to make that 1100 mile trek down to Texas 4 times a year!  They are just as exited to be returning to Colorado.

So to each of you, I had a vision.  I acted upon it and didn’t let anything stop me.  The Denver Botanic Gardens Show was the result of that dream.  So follow your dream, follow your passions. Were there some nay-sayers? Oh yeah. And one really hurt my feelings.  But I knew in my heart that this would be a hit, and with the talent we have in Colorado, this would be a stunning show.

I want to thank Harold O’Connor for the initial inspiration from something that he said about 3 years ago, and I thank my sister, Kathleen Krucoff, for the poster and postcard designs.  She made us look beautiful before anything ever happened. And to the artists and Board of Colorado Metalsmithing Assoc, thank you in letting me, as a new Board member with a dream of where we could go, have free rein in doing what I visioned.  To each of you, GO FOR IT!   Follow your Passion! And watch this space for updates about our next show.

Passionately Yours,


9 Responses

  1. Miss Lexi, I took you class in Santafe 2010 and your class in Dallas 2010. I have posted the picture of you and I on my facebook and I tell anyone that will listen how wonderful and talented you are. I hope you are in Santa Fe 2011 because I will take you class again. I love your work and you are, in my opinion, such a wonderful artist. I love your pieces. Maybe some day I can offord to own one. I love your articles in all mags and follow you everywhere. The best to you in everything and look so forward to seeing you in Santa fe. Will you be teaching anywhere else before santaFe? i would love to attend that class. Sherry

    • Sherry–How sweet of you to write. WOW! I am really honored that you wrote what you did. Thank you so very much. I am teaching in Santa Fe, and will be teaching soldering, but have changed up our project somewhat. Lets try to find some time to sit and visit in Santa Fe. I will be my birthday, so I’m looking forward to spending some free time in one of my favorite places, so I bet we can squeeze in a Margarita somewhere. Please keep in touch, even thru facebook. See you soon, and until then, happy soldering!
      Big Hugs,

      • Yes, I will see you in Santa Fe! margarita sounds wonderful. My Birthday is the 5th, so we can celebrate both. But, I want to learn everything you have to teach!
        In fact, I am planning a trip to Santafe as we speak. Do you have any suggestions as to were I could go and get some classes or learn anything about wirework or bead stringing ? I hope to be out there first to second week in November. Thank you for all you have taught me!

  2. Hi Lexi!

    As that picture shows, I was just thrilled to be part of the show and to help you in any way I could to make this the success it truly was.

    Great talent, great works, great venue. Hats off to you and my fellow artists for bringing their “A Game”. It was amazing! 🙂

    I can hardly wait to see what 2011 will bring!

    Hugs and much love,

    • Kathleen-It was a lot of work, and sometimes you were on the receiving end of my frustration. Thank you for hanging in there. I think the artists proved what an inspiring place Colorado is. 2011 will be even more spectacular. We have a lot in “the works”.
      love you,

      • My pleasure Lexi. That’s what sisters do….I will be your sounding board anytime, you know it.

        Yes, Colorado is a wonderful place, happy to call it home.

        May you have a wonderful day of creativity my dear sister.

  3. Just me again, but just a thought, if you need someone to help you set up and run errands during the classes in Santa Fe next March, I would be more than happy to be your little gopher. (is that the right word?) It would make my trip! Just let me know if I can help in any way.

  4. Hey Lexi!
    The show seems like it was great for sure – you look beautiful btw!!! The air out there must be doing you very well!!! 🙂 I would still like to order that soldering station if I may -I can order thru your site if that is best – let me know. Also your words are very inspiring concerning following dreams! It has been a while since I have been in that “nothing can stop me” mode but I am now!!! Talk soon!

    • Hi Jackie–I’m awaiting for our next shipment of soldering stations before I charge your card. I should have them available next week. I’ll call you probably Monday or Tuesday.
      And as far as following your dream, that has always been my mantra. And your work is so gorgeous, and you are so motivated, I know you will be on track soon doing whatever you choose. Good Luck!
      Talk next week-

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