Creative Inspiration During the Busiest Season of the Year

Hello Everyone–The rush of the Holiday Season is here.  It’s easy to lose yourself  in the excitement and yes, panic, of this time of the year.  It’s hard to feel inspired if you’re frantically running around looking for that illusive Super Mario Brothers video game.  Your mind is on your children, or family and friends that you are shopping for.   Yet, if you just look around, you will find one of the greatest times of the year to be inspired by other’s art.  Shops, stores and restaurants spend a fortune decorating for the holidays. Stop and gaze into that beautifully decorated window in the mall, look at the colors and shapes.  Someone has spent a lot of time to make their store look inviting enough for you want to enter.  Take advantage of these extra gifts to you.  Snap a photo with your cell phone of a decoration that you like. File it under “Ideas for Art”.   Stop at the food court in the mall and give yourself a gift.  Sit and have a quiet, reflective cup of cocoa and a pretty holiday cookie from the bakery.  Immerse yourself in the decorations. Watch the children.  See Christmas through their eyes. Cherish the 10 minutes of calm to look at what surrounds you.  Its will amaze you how many ideas you may glean from  one day of shopping, if you will allow them to appear.   May the beauty of holidays delight your eyes.  Find your star and follow it’s light.

In Peace,




3 Responses

  1. Hi Lexi!

    Great post and as you discovered, that’s just what Dan & I were doing this morning as we enjoyed a Starbuck’s latte at Barnes & Noble as we discussed some things to incorporate in your website. Glad you liked the idea. 😀

    I also found a few books and magazines to inspire too.

    I have found my star and a am following her light my dear sister.

    Wishing you peace and love in this holiday season. ~ Kathleen

  2. Lexi:

    Love the new issue. Discussion of when to “glue” is good. Beautiful pendant!!!
    Hope you had great Thanksgiving!!!


    • Dawn– that is one of the greatest “urban myths” about gluing. Harold O’Connor calls it “chemical bonding”, other jewelers all it “liquid prongs”. Sometimes you have to do it. But like I said, just to glue a stone on a piece of metal is not appropriate. It must have a bezel of some type to look good. If I have a very expensive cabochon, I will put a spot of 330 Glue on the back, even though the bezels are enough to hold it. It’s just a bit of extra protection.
      Thanksgiving was great, thank you. Being away from family, it was great to spend it with friends. Hope your entire holiday season is wonderful. Hugs to everyne.

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