Creativity #2

In continued search for understanding our own creativity, I offer Rule number 2.

#2.  You must be doing something that fulfills a need within yourself.


This is a real tough one.  Are you doing something that fulfills a need in you, or fulfills someone else’s need ? It’s a tough question.  I think that’s why I never learned how to sew.

Experts say we are all born creative.  Watch your children when they are small.  They say “Look at me, I can dance like a ballerina!”  or “Look!  I can draw a cat.” , or “I wrote you a poem.”  Why is it when we grow older we lose that eagerness to experiment, to try new and different things?   Are we cautious,  or don’t want to spend (meaning waste) money on something we are not sure will produce the desired results?  Fear of failure?

For me, I always think I should be cleaning the basement, which is a form of procrastination.  Well, that basement cleaning, which in its own way is a form of creativity, now finally fulfills a need within me.  (Which is what made me come up with this rule.)  I’ve been asked to do some videos from my studio, and yes, it’s in the basement, and even though my mental studio is much nicer, for now this one has to do.  Since I would be appalled if  people who bought the video saw my basement as it is now, I’m spending this week end of creativity  happily cleaning my basement and getting rid of stuff I’ve saved for years.  Stuff that no longer fills a need in me.  But now, with a different mind set,  cleaning the basement brings me joy, as much joy as finishing a piece of jewelry and having it smile at me.

So when you start your art, think of what it is YOU need.  Draw or scribble in a sketch book,  or work directly with the materials until you feel happy with something.  You don’t have to come up with a design right this minute.  Relax, enjoy just drawing shapes and lines.   Nothing helps your creativity along more than just to play with the materials.  Stack stones on top of one another to look at color combinations, play with textures, and something will happen.  The piece will take on its own properties, and start to grow.  Have fun, smile at the possibilities, and when you are through,  when all the energies have gone into the piece, the piece will smile back.  You’ve been successful.

Try it, and let me know what happens.  I’m off to clean the basement . (grin)





5 Responses

  1. I love the creativity we have shared in that basement!!!! However I understand your need to have it look the way you want it, especially for the video sessions to come. I too need to clean my studio and I do have a vision of how I want it to look, along with our house.

    If you happen to find any more Tiki glasses in your cleaning ventures, Dan & I will take them. He thinks the ones I brought home this week are pretty cool.

    Oh yes, and don’t touch the hammers….they are beauties and should continue to enjoy a place of honor in your studio.

    Another great rule of Creativity Lexi! Love it. 😀

  2. I giggled last weekend as I shoved one of my new pieces in front of my husbands face and said “Look what I made!” The process of making my jewelry actually gives me much greater fulfillment than the end result. I rarely even wear jewelry.

    • Sandy, I agree–with all the pieces I have made, I have my favorite one or two, and wear those all the time. You are right, for many of us, the fulfillment is in the process, not the product.

  3. Hi Lexi:

    Miss you! Sorry, I can’t do that basement cleaning myself (my computer room needs it more) but I can understand your reasoning. Wish I could get to one of your events. Taking Ann’s class this fall with Kelly. (Pat and LuAnne too). Having enjoyed doing casting but need to get back to soldering. Enjoyed your Chinese Writing instruction in LJournal. Will have to dig out my Chinese Writing cab.


    • DAWN! How great to hear from you! I’m glad you found me on my blog. I think of you all and miss you all so much. I know what you mean about casting. It’s OK but those of us who love to solder miss seeing that flowing line of bright silver. Thank you for mentioning my piece in Lapidary Journal. Next month I have an article about that glorious red jasper that Gary Wilson cuts. I hope you like it, too. Please check out the Jewelry Artist “Flashcard” that Helen publishes. It will directly come into your e-mail every other Tuesday at 8:00 AM! This week’s issue has a photo of the red jasper. I hope you will enjoy it. Please tell everyone hi for me. And please keep in touch.

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